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Master a bespoke SMC / Patterns strategy that accounts for both liquidity and discretion to extract the absolute most from the financial markets.

How Can I Become A Better Trader?

Good question! There’s a process. And like all tried and tested processes, it requires practice. But practice takes time and patience! At The Social Traders, we’ve cracked the code and drilled it down in our
DONE FOR YOU formula. Now we’re passing on that knowledge to help YOU become a better trader.

Raw Price Action – 1 Hour Time Frame

How does it work?

Let’s start by taking a look at raw price action on the pairing USDCAD to break down in just 3 SIMPLE STEPS so that you can:

This is the killer trading combo of Pattern Plays and Smart Money Concepts guaranteed to help you perfect your future trades. 

Step 1 – Understand Structure By Using Our Simplified Understanding Of Patterns


By using Patterns within our methodology it allows us to:

In this example, we have not completed our 3 touch structure and therefore there is a high probability of at least another drive to the downside.

Step 2 – Using SMC, understand where the liquidity is situated. 


By using SMC (Smart Money Concepts) within our methodology it allows us to:


Step 3 – Refinement Of Area Of Interest

 We then look to refine our entries by dropping down to the lower timeframes,

Refinement allows us to:


It’s not rocket science but it does require


With The Social Traders methodology and hands-on approach to training (Including expert daily videos and written guidance) you too can learn what it takes to trade like a PRO! 

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