The Social Run Club Layout

The Social Run Club.

Up to the Challenge?

Sounds a bit silly right? However, there is reasoning behind our madness. First of all The Social Traders isn’t just about trading, we are a community, a mafia, a posee. If you’re up for the challenge join our free Run Club and challenge yourself against other traders on the streets. Keeping fit and healthy is a great way to stay focused on the charts; If you can keep fit and stay active you’ll develop a much stronger trading mentality. 

How to Join?

The Social Runners uses Strava as its platform to track and log running activity.  Strava is a social-fitness network which primarily tracks cycling and running exercises, using GPS data – although alternative types are available. Strava offers a free service with no advertising in its mobile application, it’s great! 

To download Strava click here


Why use The Social Run Club.

Slightly unorthodox.. but we can assure you The Social Run Club is not to be slept on. Below we have listed only a handful of reasons why the Run Club is an essential to any trader. 


Friendly Competition

We’re social by name and social by nature! The Social Run Club connects people and puts them head to head.


Protect your psychology

Protecting your trading sharp focus and mentality is crucial for any trader. From experience we’ve found that physical health is directly correlated to mental health, For more info on this read our Blog.


Down Time

Many Traders in here will be full time traders, that means a LOT of staring at a computer’s screens on a day-to-day basis. To limit that exposure The Social Run Club is designed to get you off the charts and out on the streets.