Slack Brings our Community with you.

Discuss, Collaborate, Share – Trading is better with Likeminded people.

What is Slack? 

Slack is the Social network for The Social Traders. It is an incredibly powerful 3rd party platform that allows all members of the community to connect. Trading can be a very lonely place so having a community there to bounce off from is incredibly beneficial. 

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How it Works


Bespoke Trading channels, tailored to all types of traders, whether you are here just to meet and chat with fellow traders, or have serious discussions on a trading pair. Our channels cover all types and styles of traders. 


Upload, post and share your trading related content. Whether that be an excellent Youtube video you have just watched or a 5%+ trade you have just banked. Our community is always interest in Trading content. 


Talk to, connect and discuss with 100’s of likeminded traders. The people you meet in our community can become friends for a lifetime. Our community is the heart beat of The Social Traders. 



Trading can be very frustrating especially if you have lost a few trades simultaneously. For this reason, The Social Traders have implemented 3 key rules within our community. 


No abusive behaviour or offensive language towards Trading coaches, other members in the community or any Social Traders content.


No Aggressive Discussions of Telegram trade results – Naturally in the markets sometimes trades don’t go your way, The Social Traders look at trades over longer period of time to capitalise in the markets.


No cluttered charts – Make sure the chart analysis posted is clean, easy to read and well analysed. “Thoughts on GBPAUD?” – for example, will not benefit new traders in the community. We want to know why you like the setup!

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