The Forex Mindset – Jared Martinez

Trading in the Zone and The Forex Mindset both look at the psychology side of trading rather than the technical side.    You see once you understand your edge to the fullest there is no further progression from a technical perspective. What I mean by this is that there is no indicator that will automatically make your trading better, in fact quite the contrary more technicals will likely confuse you more and make you see the markets in conflicting ways. Jared Martinez traded the forex market for a decade through the 1980s and ’90s before he discovered that successful trading requires 10 percent skill and 90 percent emotional intelligence Chapter 1 - Get Excited About Trading Chapter 2 - Finding a Mentor in Trading and in Life Chapter 3 - Greed and Fear Control the Market Chapter 4 - Achieving Excellence at Trading Chapter 5 - Understanding How Your Head and Heart Work Chapter 6 - The Importance of Emotional Intelligence Chapter 7 - The Importance of Change Chapter 8 - Creating a Personal and Traders Constitution Chapter 9 - Dealing with Frustration as You Trade Chapter 10 - Dealing with anger as you Trade Chapter 11 - Alter Your Attitude Alter Your Trading Results Chapter 12 - Learning Patience and Self Control to Avoid Temptation Chapter 13 - Listening with Humility Chapter 14 - Learn to Trade with Confidence Chapter 15 - Protect Yourself at All Times Follow Your Dreams and Persist Until You Succeed