The Chimp Paradox – Prof Steve Peters

The Science of mind management in business and in life. Although this book is not directly linked to trading, some of the key topics discussed are key to levelling up your overall mindset as a trader, especially if you are looking to trade larger capital.    So let’s think about this, Every time you get a negative thought or belief creeping into your mindset about trading, I want you to use this to interrupt the pattern of the thought. ‘Is this thought that I am having right now useful to me?’   Ask yourself that question, like really ask yourself that question...   ‘Is this thought useful to me’    Trading isn’t easy, right… Let's say that you’re having a streak of losses and things just aren’t going your way. It could be that you’re on a funded account and 3 of your first trades have been going against you.    Maybe you deviated from you trading plan and you know it but you did it anyway because you fell down a negative path of thoughts   It doesn't matter what it is, you MUST stop yourself and ask yourself this question…  “Is this thought that I'm having right now useful to me?” And the analytical side of your brain if taught and trained correctly will kick in and say ‘No it’s not snap out of it’ The Chimp Paradox will teach you to train the analytical side of your brain. There is a lot in this book to digest but The Chimp Paradox uses a simple analogy to help you take control of your emotions and act in your own best interest, whether it's in making decisions, communicating with others, or your health and happiness.