TST Strategy

Welcome to The Social Traders Strategy – here you will learn our bespoke ‘Swing-based’ Forex Trading Strategy that combines Patterns, True Price Action, Market Structure and Institutional concepts into an effective edge in the Financial Markets. Becoming a Free Member will give you access to the ‘Foundation Series’ where you will develop a good understanding of what is included in ‘The Social Strategy’ – for the Traders wanted to learn more we have either the Pro Subscription or Broker Subscription, that will provide you FULL access to the rest of the Strategy. 

Welcome to The Social Traders Foundation Series. The Social Traders Foundation Series contains eight in-depth episodes, based upon the science of learning and covers the key components of trading which includes beginning your trading Tradingview setup, Understanding True Market Structure and more. This is the start of your Trading Journey with The Social Traders, for this reason we highly recommend you grab a fresh pen and paper ready to soak up our educational content. Enjoy.

The intermediate series dives straight into the more technical side of our strategy. In this module Dylan covers how we understand and utilize Patterns within our trading. Whilst also taking an in depth look at the true nature of Price Action and Market Structure. Being discretionary traders this is key and a fundamental edge to our strategy.

In this Tips and Tricks module Dylan evolves your understanding of the live markets. We cover different techniques you can add to your trading arsenal such as understanding Market Correlations, using the DXY within your trading and small 1% tweaks to your overall forecasting like using an Inverted Chart Layouts.

An evolution of our strategy and how we trade the market at The Social Traders. Dylan outlines how we define and refine our Entry Points and how to utilise the 15 Minute Time Frame without over exposing and over-trading. Dylan finishes the module by talking about the Higher Timeframe Structure vs Lower Time Frame Structure touching upon what is a ‘valid setup’ vs what is a ‘high quality setup’.

The Social Strategy compiles everything we have learned so far into the 5 core pillars of how we implement and trade our strategy. These 5 consist of the ‘Technical Strategy’, the ‘Pattern Play Strategy’, the ‘Continuations Strategy’ and understanding how to implement these into a intra day style and longer term swing trading approach. This is a key module in the TST Strategy.

In Tips and Tricks Advanced we cover more key concepts of our strategy elevating your trading to the next level. ‘Pattern within Patterns’, Pattern Separation, truly understanding why patience is so key to our strategy, the list goes on. As always every video comes with multiple examples on how and why we implement the topic in our trading.

Using Discretion is key in this market. no matter your strategy or background in trading. This short module runs you through understanding the type of price action we like to see in great detail. Unsure of price action into a reversal setup? Unsure of price action into a continuation setup? Dylan has you covered here. We also touch upon Experience and how vital it is to get some months / years under your belt in order to become consistently profitable.

In this module Dylan covers the psychological side to trading. We understand the vital importance of Calculated Trading Risk, Trade tracking, Forecasting and Backtesting – all in preparation for transitioning to a larger capital account.

The Social Traders Trading plan is a summary of everything we have covered. We run through multiple setups of how our strategy should be implemented using the parameters we have learnt about. We have a full written document on the criteria a trade must meet in order to execute.

The final educational module in the course, ‘The Adaptation’. Dylan runs through how to understand and capitalise on Institutional Liquidity whilst incorporating our Technical and Pattern Play Strategy. In this module we discuss smart money concepts extracting the best from the market.