Slack Brings us with you.

Discuss, Collaborate, Share – Trading is better with Likeminded people.

What is Slack? 

Slack is the Social network for The Social Traders. It is an incredibly powerful 3rd party platform that allows all members of the community to connect. Trading can be a very lonely place so having a community there to bounce off from is incredibly beneficial. 

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How it Works


Bespoke Trading channels, tailored to all types of traders, whether you are here just to meet and chat with fellow traders, or have serious discussions on a trading pair. Our channels cover all types and styles of traders. 


Upload, post and share your trading related content. Whether that be an excellent Youtube video you have just watched or a 5%+ trade you have just banked. Our community is always interest in Trading content. 


Talk to, connect and discuss with 100’s of likeminded traders. The people you meet in our community can become friends for a lifetime. Our community is the heart beat of The Social Traders. 



Trading can be very frustrating especially if you have lost a few trades simultaneously. For this reason, The Social Traders have implemented key rules within our community. 


No Abusive behaviour

No abusive behaviour or offensive language towards Trading coaches, other members in the community or any Social Traders content.


No Posting Of Profits.

Banking a higher RR trade can be very rewarding and exciting but sometimes posts monetary values can be detrimental to the mentality of newer traders. At The Social Traders we discuss profits-in percentages so that is it relative no matter the size of the account traded.


No cluttered charts 

Make sure the chart analysis posted is clean, easy to read and well analysed. For example “Thoughts on GBPAUD?”, will not benefit new traders in the community. We want to know why you like the setup with analysis to back.

No Mobile phone screen shots. 


No Marketing

The Social Traders loves the fact that some people want to help others, we really do! However to avoid our community getting clogged up with marketing material we have a strict ban on marketing or direct messaging community members. 

How to Lay out a Slack post

For Slack to be effective as an education trading community, it is important we provide guidelines on posting setups. 

As traders, there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to understand someones trade analysis. Whether that be due to cluttered charts, lack of context or just poorly taken screenshots. The Social Traders Slack channel was established to help new and old traders, this is how we do it. 

1. Screen shot.

The Screenshot tool on Tradingview or MT4 will be your best friend in the Slack community. Clean detailed analysis will make your post far more engaging to other members and therefore more likely to be commented on! 

Unsure how? watch our Trading View setup video.


2. Three point analysis

Detailed trade analysis is crucial for our Slack community to understand your post. Not everyone in the community has come from the same trading background or strategy. To allow all members to understand your post you must post detailed trade analysis. We use a simple 3 step process, zooming out from the higher timeframes to the lower ones! Easy right?

Start with the higher timeframe, maybe the daily, 8hr of 4hr timeframe. 

 Zoom in with mid timeframes, 2hr and 1hr. 

And finally, a forecast on how you plan to enter the trade 30 Min and 15 Min timeframe. 

This provides people within the community a full understanding of your mindset and thought process behind taking the trade. It also provides a great foundation for people to begin commenting and feeding back their analysis. 


3. Get commenting and connecting

We are called The Social Traders for a reason…  start connecting with likeminded traders and comparing analysis. 

To start a conversation, click ‘start Thread’ underneath the post. This will bring up a new box to write your comment.


We have 3 main channels: 

#Community-Chat – Used for general chatting and catching up
#Community-Help – Used for traders looking to seek help or guidance
#Community-Trade-Ideas – Used to post, share and discuss trade ideas and analysis
#TST-PRO – Exclusive for PRO Members, this is where our daily trading guidance is posted.

Slack 101

For newbies Slack can be a tricky platfrom to get your head around.

This video explains:

The Slack Sidebar,
Channels & Threads
Composing messages