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Unique Pattern Play + SMC Strategy

The Pattern Play +  Smart Money Concepts Strategy is a truly powerful and unique edge when refined, and backtested.

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We are not like the rest – our PRO members have full access to exclusive trading and mindset guidance day in day out.

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We have guided hundreds of traders to funding and account growth, whilst leveling up overall mindset and discipline.

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Learn Institutional Techniques

We combine the use of pure price action, market structure and patterns to give us a unique edge in the live forex, commodities and crypto markets. We do this whilst understanding institutional liquidity and profit taking areas. Learn all of this in our 18+ hour video strategy.

Trade Around Your Commitments

Get direct areas of interest and analysis sent straight to your mobile device. This comes in written and video format and includes a 15 minute+ evening video update covering live positions, areas of interest and trade management.

9-5 Trading Essentials

Unsure why we took a certain trade? Exclusive for PRO Members, our highlighted trades are broken down, step by step, from higher time frames to lower time frames so that our members know our exact thought process when we place and manage trades.

Private Trading Group

Join 500+ members in our online trading community. Discuss, analyse and chat about everything trading related. Stuck with a topic in our strategy? Or need some feedback on your personal analysis? The Social Traders community has you covered.

Market Preparation Delivered

Prepare for your trading week with our unique strategy insights. Dylan and Max break down the Forex, Commodities, Indices and Crypto markets on a weekly basis to give you an over the shoulder look into the markets. Compare, adapt and capitalise. (45 minutes + in length)

A Pathway To 7 Figure Trading

Looking to get funded? We have helped many students achieve the goal of funding. The Social Traders is a partner of prop firm FTMO and Funding Talent. Subsequently this means you can learn how to trade with us and get funded with a live account.

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Our Strategy is the product of 10+ years trading experience.


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TST has consistently updated trading content to refine your trading processes & understanding.

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The Social Traders is designed in a way to help you and your Trading Journey through every process.


We’ll show you how to build an excellent Foundation for your Trading, eliminating any rookie habits whilst teaching you how to trade at scale, consistently and become clearer in the markets. We do all this by using our expertly created Swing Based Strategy. We have developed a refined edge that combines the best techniques, boiled down into one easy to learn, adaptive strategy.


Partner this with our powerful community Platform that is alive 24/7 and you have an excellent recipe to succeed and develop new technical and social skills. A skill that could pay you for a lifetime!

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