Stage 1 - Introduction

Welcome! (02:15)

Welcome to Stage 1 of the The Social Traders killer Pattern Play & SMC strategy. This section contains seven in-depth episodes, based upon the science of learning and covers the key components of trading which includes an introduction to Forex, a Tradingview setup, Understanding True Market Structure and more. This is the start of your trading journey with The Social Traders, for this reason we highly recommend you grab a fresh pen and paper ready to soak up our educational content.

What is Forex Trading (05:43)

Forex trading - What is it? What instruments are we trading and when can we trade? We answer all the questions surrounding the topic of trading. Covering all bases and getting you set for the rest of The Social Traders killer Pattern Play & Smart Money Concepts strategy.

What Is A Pip? (11:45)

In this video we will be looking at what a Pip is. You may have heard this word before if you have been in and around trading but what are they?

Benefits Of Trading (02:06)

What are the benefits of trading and why should you pursue it? We could sit here and reel off a massive list of the benefits found over the years but that's a little bit boring. Let’s dive straight into some examples.

Technical v Fundamental (06:15)

There are two main styles of trading within the financial markets, there are technical traders and fundamental traders. Here at The Social Traders we're purely technical traders when entering trade but we do have an understanding of fundamentals and general world affairs.

Strategy Potential (06:25)

Our most effective understanding of the market has been adapted over years of trading data. Understanding and testing an ‘edge’ in the markets but pushing it to limits to extract the most out of the markets. The Social Traders have created an excellent understanding of raw price action and market movements using a developed patterns approach combined with smart money techniques incorporated for killer entries. Let’s take a look at the potential here.

Tradingview Setup (21:17)

This is ‘The Social Traders’ language’ - we show you how we set up the 3rd party trading platform Tradingview. Tradingview is truly a revolutionary platform for all traders and to extract the most out of it will level up your understanding of the markets. Members within the community will have a similar style of analysis allowing other members to understand posted setups and provide feedback.

Intro Lesson 1 - The Art Of Discretion (21:00)

In this video Dylan explains the importance of market discretion. We debunk the myth that discretion is a bad thing by showing you how truly powerful it can be. Discretion is simply your knowledge and understanding of the markets. It can be used at all times and in many different situations to give you an edge within the markets. Once you understand how to harness the power of this you will truly begin to reap the rewards.

Intro Lesson 2 - The Power Of Liquidity (17:10)

In this episode we take a look at liquidity. Dylan explains what it is, where we can find it and how we can use it to aid our trading. Understanding liquidity is truly a game changer. When you know where liquidity is situated in the market you can plan your trades and build a story around it. Understanding this concept will really level up your trading.

Intro Lesson 3 The Beauty Of The Swing (15:21)

In the finale of your free training we take a look at the power of the swing. We believe that trading’s main benefit is freedom. This is why we do it. Swing trading gives you that freedom as you don’t have to sit and stare at your charts all day. We highlight pinpoint areas of interest to find an entry and look at that larger picture to find our targets, this truly is a recipe for success.

Stage 2 - Price Action

Market Phases (10:13)

How does the market really move? It sounds like a silly question but this is truly valuable knowledge. We start this episode zoomed out focusing purely on price action, slowly zooming down time frames for more clarity and clearer area of interests. This is an effective routine to break down any potential setup and a great place to kick off the Pro academy content.

Market Sequence (09:24)

How do we decipher what sequence the market is in? In this episode, Dylan explains what market sequencing is, how this works and shows examples both annotated and live on the charts and effective technique to make sure we are trading on the right side of the market.

Market Structure (11:32)

Carrying on from Market Sequencing, it’s now time to take a look at Market Structure. Within this episode we deep dive into working out when market structure has been broken, also taking a look at examples of when it hasn’t. How can we use this to aid our bias and stay out of the market when necessary?

Patterns (22:39)

This is a huge episode covering our understanding and implementation of patterns. Patterns play a huge part within our strategy; we use patterns to spot direction and provide clear areas of interest to get involved in the market, without them, we would be trading the market without our parameters set.

Discretion (18:07)

The black swan in trading.. Although often sold otherwise, discretion can be a very powerful weapon in a traders arsenal. Master this and you will enter the market in a ‘flow state’, managing to seamlessly implement the TST killer Pattern Play and SMC strategy to the live markets without hesitation.

Stage 3 - Institutional Concepts

Mitigation (09:31)

The market more often than not has to come back to mitigate previous orders. Before diving deep into this episode, we rewind a bit to look back at ‘impulses and corrections’ within the market - these corrections often happen so orders can be mitigated.

Liquidity (26:35)

Liquidity is everywhere, ranges, double tops/ bottoms, trendlines, above highs and lows. The question is.. how can we use it to our trading advantage? This episode covers a mixture of drawn and chart examples so that you can become a master of understanding true market liquidity to trade on the right side of the market.

Imbalance (17:26)

What is market Imbalance? How do we spot imbalance within the markets? How can we use it to our advantage? We can highlight the cause for the market to move in certain directions by effectively understanding and utilizing market Imbalance therefore creating specific areas of interest and profit taking regions.

Order Blocks (27:17)

Order blocks are commonly overused and misconceived. We’ll teach you how we find them whilst eliminating a lot of the noise whilst understanding the safest way we can trade them. We also touch upon order block refinement and over refinement within the market.

Advanced Order Blocks (31:55)

An episode of pure value. Dylan will show you how we refine order blocks, detailing how we regularly see traders over refine and take unnecessary losses. We also cover key concepts that aid your overall understanding of more granular price action when interacting with orders, this is how you will achieve insane RRs.

Stage 4 - Refinement

Entry Models (29:38)

There are multiple ways we can approach entering a setup. We cover all bases in this episode and run you step-by-step through the process to enter a trade seamlessly. This is how we remove the noise and focus 100% on the setup and technicals in front of you.

Finding Targets (27:52)

In the previous video Dylan covered how we can get into the market. However, exiting the market at the right time is just as important to avoid seeing market gains eroded. In this video we cover why it's important to plan an exit, even before we take a trade, the 90% rule, highs and lows, targeting order blocks, and runners. Remember we have to pay ourselves!

Trade Management (35:18)

A take profit scenario is not always how we look to exit trades. In this video we look at alternative ways we manage our trades, including trailing stop losses, when to move a trade into breakeven, when to close out a portion of a position, letting the rest run and more.

Scaling in (14:16)

Scaling in, if not performed correctly, can backfire and erode account gains. Dylan teaches you in this video set parameters we use in order to effectively scale in whilst maintaining professional risk and trade management.

Risk Model (13:18)

One of the most crucial episodes of our strategy and what will become your overall edge. Understanding and outlining set risk parameters from the get go is key for any trader to succeed within this business. In this video we teach professional risk management on and off the charts. This is the difference between a good trader and an excellent trader.

Stage 5 - The Business Side of Trading

Trading Plan (10:01)

Why is a Trading Plan one of the most essential tools within a traders tool box? Dylan runs you through start to finish on how to create your own bespoke trading plan whilst understanding the use case and properties of a well laid out plan. If completed properly, you will be able to enter and exit the markets seamlessly without doubting your personal setups.

Backtesting (31:03)

Gather trading data is key before deep diving into the live markets is an issue we see time and time again. Without data you will struggle to understand true market flows and topics such as Pairs Characteristics which we cover in a later episode. Dylan shows you the most efficient way to complete this process.

Pair Characteristics (10:05)

This is for traders who are set out to take their trading to the next level. Some pairs are wicky, some pairs retrace harder, some pairs are naturally more corrective. To avoid unnecessary losses, this is all great data to have. Dylan runs you through multiple examples whilst also highlighting how to document your chart findings.

Trade Tracking (11:36)

Think of these as your books for running your trading business. The professional traders will document every aspect of their trading journey beginning with the most important, trade tracking. Not only will this help self reviews it also provides you with key data to use.

Advanced Self Review (14:47)

ASR on a monthly basis is a powerful tool. At the end of your chosen period you go across the data and way you have been trading with a fine tooth comb. Working out what you did well and what could be improved upon. It's important to make those 1% tweaks, marginal gains that add up to a much larger self development.

Funding or Larger Capital (13:27)

Funding traders is a great way to scale your trading quickly. Within this video Dylan covers all aspects of the funding process both good and bad.

Preparation (19:17)

Want to see the exact process we go through to extract the most out of the financial market? This is a day in the life video running you through the small 1% tweaks you can add to your preparation routine that will make a huge difference to your bottom line results. Grab a notepad!

Patience (73:42)

Just like any success in life mastery takes time, you need to remain patient and almost treat it like a degree or apprenticeship. You need to be patient when actually trading and on the charts, one of the most important traits in a consistent trader is knowing when not to trade, knowing when the markets are showing clear signals to remove an order or evaluate your bias. Recorded across a week, this a week in the life of a patient trader.

Stage 6 - Applying The Concepts

EURCAD 06.07.2021 (21:18)

USDCHF 22.03.2021 (19:57)

GBPUSD 08.07.2021 (22:36)

USDJPY 02.07.2021 (15:58)

GBPJPY 20.11.2020 (16:24)

EURAUD 08.03.2021 (17:28)

NZDUSD 02.08.2021(21:49)

EURAUD 08.03.2021 (17:18)

EURUSD 23.07.2021 (19:12)

GBPNZD 19.07.2021 (19:03)

NZDJPY 21.05.2021 (15:21)

Stage 7 - Psychology

Over trading (10:35)

This happens a lot in the early days of trading and can be incredibly damaging to any trader. You need to get this out of your system as soon as possible, new traders will want to be in trade all the time. You're more likely to force trades and take low quality setups when you do this. This is how we combat over trading.

Remaining Neutral (03:48)

Why is it important to keep a neutral bias within the markets? A lot of traders will have a fixed bias and assume the market HAS to move in their desired direction. This leads to holding on to losing trades and the wrong bias. When you remain neutral you can see the market from both sides and understand when to admit your bias was wrong and change it. The market can and will do whatever it wants.

How To Avoid Trading With Fear (07:45)

Trading with fear is super common with traders, especially those new to the market. The main fear is losing money and being wrong. Nobody wants to lose their hard earned cash nor do they want to admit to being wrong. Ways around this include trading with what you can afford to lose, backtesting, trade tracking and trading plan. These help you to gain confidence in your ability and become emotionless.

Dealing With Wins And Losses (10:57)

Losses are inevitable and a part of trading. If people say they don't lose within this space or claim ridiculous strike rates you should stay well away from them. The way we look at it is losses are a cost of the business side of trading. The sooner you understand this the better trader you will be.

Thinking In Scale (10:02)

Everybody starts somewhere in trading, not everyone has massive amounts of capital and in the early days when you're making £5-£10 a winning trade it may seem like what's the point? You have been working so hard for such small returns. This is where thinking in scale comes into play. You have to think about the bigger picture, if you can be consistent on a £500 account you can be consistent on a £5000, £50000 and so on. The skillset will become your greatest asset.

Stage 8 - Tips and Tricks

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