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Why do patterns and SMC work so well individually but even better combined?

“Do More Of What Works & Less Of What Doesn’t” – Steve Clark

Put simply, Patterns with Smart Money Concepts work. 

Correct use of both concepts opens a huge avenue of opportunity when trading.

The reason?


It’s simple… they take different approaches, while their combined use paints a broader picture when operating in the markets. 


  • Patterns simplify market structure whilst improving your understanding of raw price action and market discretion.
  • Smart Money Concepts will create more advanced risk to reward ratios, catering for institutional liquidity and manipulation whilst creating mechanical rules within the market.

Combine the use of these two concepts to harness the power of a full, comprehensive and tested trading strategy.

[If this happens] > [do this] > [Profit targets set here]

Taking away the guesswork in trading is the essence of a refined strategy.

Can you imagine questioning entries, stop-loss placement and take profit regions? 

Why question these when you can master them…

Why our strategy is incredibly effective in full-time work or busy lifestyles

Trading is time-consuming, working a full-time or even part-time job can make the best of us exhausted. 

This is why we created our strategy.

We didn’t just become consistent overnight…
We were working full-time jobs, which required us to be away for 6+ hours a day,
By the time we came home and checked the charts we struggled to find our flow in the markets and felt we had missed the highest probability moves. 

However, through a simplified, forecasted and rule-based methods we obtained consistency. 

And so will you! 

How many trades do you take per week? 

5? 10? 20?….
What if I told you 1 trade per week was enough to take home profits?

The power of only 1 trade a week using this strategy

As we progress as traders we have been taking fewer positions each week, to the point where most weeks we may only take 1 or 2 trades.

Since fully understanding how the markets work, we have been able to minimise our time looking for setups while maximising rewards.

Utilising this approach has taught us a lot about wasteful entries, lousy timing, and holding positions over the week. 

We want to share this with you and show you how taking too many trades can hinder your trading experience. 

You will see why this is so powerful. 

Free Slack and Telegram Community

Our one-stop-shop for all trading news, setups, and current price action. 

This is where we offer our community some kickback, we know it’s hard to be in front of the charts all day, our telegram channel saves you time by keeping you up to speed on the markets while you go about your day.

We use evening updates to keep you refreshed on the day’s moves, keeping you in check for the next day’s events. 

And no, these will never be “signals” don’t even get us started on the use of signals…. 

SMC and Pattern Stage 1 Education Module

Upon accessing the training you will receive access to the SMC and Pattern Stage 1. 

Here you will get a taste of a ‘Smart Money Concept’ we like to incorporate with our ‘Patterns’ strategy. 

This will solidify your understanding of how our strategy works and what you can expect from our unique way of using SMC and Patterns combined

7 Trading Principles That Are Guaranteed To Make You a Better Trader

The ‘7 Trading Principles That Are Guaranteed To Make You a Better Trader’ is our one week of free education. It’s truthful, it’s informative and removes all the rubbish to streamline ways to turn you into a professional trader. 

Each day you can expect to receive one trading principle that will explore an important topic or an educational personal anecdote in the markets.

Take the first steps to understand where and how you can improve your trading experience.

All the best 

The Social Traders Team 


7 Trading Principles That Are Guaranteed To Make You A Better Trader

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