Documenting Your Journey

Documenting Your Journey

Trading can often be a lonely and frustrating journey if you keep yourself to yourself. One of the most important benefits you will get from being with The Social Traders is the community that comes with it. If you haven’t joined the community please follow this link: 


Slack Community

In here you will find some of the most dedicated traders from all backgrounds. You will find traders from the other side of the world that may have grown up in a completely different environment to you but are still on the same path and journey, traders that may be completely new to the space and need a little help getting on their feet and finally traders that have witnessed it all, the dotcom bubble, the crypto rise in 2017 or most recently the global pandemic surrounding Covid-19. 

You can learn so much off of other traders that are on the same path as you – that it is almost invaluable. 


Through our experience having been in the FX space and seeing it develop for both the good, and the bad. One of the best traits we have seen is the increase in people learning and documenting their Forex journey through the use of social media. 

Now we don’t mean bragging about your wins and losses and showing any monetary figures. No one wants to see that and it will only damage your trading psychology in the long run. What traders love to see is the process you are going through. How are you learning? What have you learnt? What trades have you entered and why have you entered them? 

By documenting your journey you can look back and see the natural progression that you have made as a trader. Sometimes it is difficult to see how far you have come if you don’t document where you have been and where you have come from. We guarantee if you look back at your documented journey after a significant amount of time has passed, A year, 2 years; then you will  look back and think ‘why was I entering trades like that’ or ‘why didn’t I be more patient and enter this trade at this level?’. When you are going through the process you often don’t realize the progression you are making , so by documenting we hold ourselves accountable for the actions we make whilst also creating a digital document of our journey in this space.  


How do you document your journey? 


Now there is no right way to document your trading journey. We have seen traders from all backgrounds document their journey in different ways. At the end of the day it is whatever works for you. 

The most obvious way is to buy a written journal and begin to make notes on everything you will learn in this course. At the Social Traders we like to use the phrase the 3 step process. It’s a way we learn and develop as traders. 

It’s really simple,

‘the first step is to watch over all the content without taking a single note. The second step is to watch over all the content again but this time taking detailed notes on what you have learned and then finally the last step is watch the video and read this written content once more to really take it all in. Top up your notes and go over processes you were unsure about the first two times over. 

One of the most rewarding aspects of this journey is looking over your notes and seeing the progress you made. A plain notepad like the one we have linked below will do just fine: 

Amazon Notebook

Keep hold of these, you will always be able to refer back to them later in the future if ever you are unsure about anything covered within this course. 


The second way to document your journey is to use Social Media. As we have mentioned previously Social media can have its pros and cons to a trader. There is a lot of rubbish out on the web that showcases the FX space in the wrong light. For example, I’m sure you may have seen it, stacks of cash next to a phone displaying some trading results. It’s so cliche, not relevant to the FX journey and no one wants to see it. It paints this industry in a very bad light. What people do want to see is how you are developing as a person, as a trader, as a community member. 

Instagram is a great place to start, you can post pictures of the notes you have taken, the analysis you have and the trades you are looking at.

Use the hashtag TSTFX to connect with other members of this community. See what trades they are looking at and also see their journey. 

But there is not only instagram you can use,  Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are all good examples of Social Media platforms you can use to document your trading journey.