About The Social Traders


Who are The Social Traders?

The Social traders was setup in January 2020 to change the Trading Industry as we know it. We are a group, a community, a posse of people all pulled together with one common interest. Trading. 

We not talking about going out and having a Social drink, no. We are the new generation of Traders where our line of work can be capitalised all from the comfort of your home (or pocket) whilst being fully connected with a trading community.

If you have a WIFI connection you can be a member of the Social Traders, whether you’re completely new to the space or have been experienced for over a decade. We’re a very friendly bunch and we’ll never turn people away having learnt from previous strategies.

The Problem. 

The Forex industry as we know used to know it changed.. 

People went from wanted to learn and understand the skill, to becoming ‘CEOs’ and ‘Professional traders’ within the space of 3 months. 

The FX game changed and it has become very difficult to separate the ‘good eggs’ in the industry from the ones we need to stay well away from. 

Forex courses upwards of £90/month or incredibly high one off fees are everywhere and sometimes it’s very difficult to distinguish the good from the bad. 

The Solution. 

We flipped the industry on its head. 

The Social Traders is fully transparent about everything we provide. Firstly, our platform is free for everyone. There are no barriers to joining the community. Just sign up, download the apps and you are in! Education and community spirit is what gets the best out of traders so why hide this behind pay walls or deposits? We even provide some free education content to get you on your feet.

We’ve spent countless hours crafting a bespoke strategy with over 30 (20 minute +) videos alongside a 35,000 word written content. Most importantly, it is accessible. If you really want to learn how to trade the financial markets we have crafted a content rich, adaptable strategy at an easily accessible price point. 

The Goal. 

Trading Education accessible to the masses.  

A community where people make long term friendships whilst growing together.  

‘A family’ of willing and expert traders. 

Consistently compounding trading accounts. 

Maxwell Baker – Founder

Lover of a good meme and old school hip hop, Max Baker is the Founder of The Social Traders and has a long driven passion for the financial markets. 

Max’s vision is to create the most accessible, social trading platform on the internet. He utilises a simplified ‘patterns technique’, combining Fibonacci levels and Market Structure and Patterns to gain a true edge in the Markets.

Max Image

Dylan Lavin – Co Founder

Collector of Adidas trainers and beard oil. Dylan Lavin is the co-founder of The Social Traders. Having come from a private mentoring background, Dylan is an expert and trading tuition and content he is also a funded trader.

Similar to Max Dylan’s trading style is also a simplified ‘patterns technique’ combining them with a more technical Fibonacci levels, Market Structure and Key Levels.