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  • Overview Of Q1 At The Social Traders
  • Last Week In The Forex Markets
  • Top 3 Pairs For Next Week
  • NEWSFLASH: The Social Trader Affiliate Program

Overview Of Q1 At The Social Traders

As many of us may know we are entering the next quarter for the year and with that means new opportunities, but with opportunities comes reflection so for this week we are taking a look back at Q1.

January 2021 | Trade Recaps [25.64%]

This month at The Social Traders was a great month all round.

Coming off great liquidity levels ending the year of 2020 we carried that momentum into the new year.

We saw clean price action, commitment in the markets and overall was a good start to the year for many traders within our community.

Many of our traders were passing prop firm challenges or were getting the much-needed experience before attempting the challenges.

With the markets being this way all traders new and experienced were getting some awesome returns.

In a time of ripe opportunity in the market, we were sharing these trades out to the Pro Community to take advantage of.

With January being one of the stand out months of Q1 here are the top three trades of the month.


  • EURJPY [14.2%] – Short
  • EURCAD [6.3%] – Long
  • EURNZD [2.1%] – Long

February 2021 | Trade Recaps [33.7%]

With the previous month being an all-around good month in the markets we were looking to keep this momentum going.

We didn’t see too much action in the early weeks of February but as the month progressed we saw the markets give us the opportunity to capitalize on.

As always we keep regular updates in our Pro Community where we share these trade ideas and welcome discussion in our Free Slack Channel

Looking back on February we were very slow in those first two weeks and then really picked up towards the end of the month, but as traders, this is how we learn when and where to trade. If we do not see a clear opportunity with confluences then it means we are gambling not trading.


  • GBPNZD [8.82%] – Long
  • GBPJPY [8%] – Long
  • EURUSD [5.66%] – Short

March 2021 | Trade Recaps [32.43%]

For what seemed like a slow month in the markets March was actually a rather profitable month for us here at The Social Traders.

Following the momentum picking up in the final weeks of February we saw this carry over into the next month, managing to capitalize on some really awesome moves.

With still some unsure signs of commitment back into the world’s economies we have seen an effect on the forex markets but we are still able to remain profitable by sticking to our trading plan and not losing our cool during tricky market conditions.

With it being a good month we did also see a lot of false moves and moves that didn’t plan out but this is what trading is about and this is why we trade the way we do. We can’t always be right in an unpredictable scenario but we can find ways to minimize our risk and maximize our gains.


  • GBPNZD [7.7%] – Long
  • GBPNZD [6.91%] – Long
  • USDJPY [6.14%] – Short

Summary Of Q1

So far 2021 has offered us some great opportunities but at the same time has caught lots of traders on the wrong side of the markets.

As always we need to remain patient in times of uncertainty but also have the focus to execute a trade when the confluences stack up into your area of interest.

Q1 for The Social Traders has been amazing so far with seeing the community grow each and every day and seeing people learn, implement and benefit from what is being taught here.

As always we like to show you full transparency and our process behind our trading.

We hope you’ve had a good start to 2021 and we wish the best for Q2.

Last Week In The Forex Markets

Last week was a quiet week in the Forex markets, partly being the end of the month plus having a bank holiday Friday and Monday we just haven’t seen the commitment in the markets like we are used to.

Here are some trades we took last week:

EURJPY: [Break Even]

EURJPY has been a hard pair to read, with some pattern seperation we identified a 1,2,3, forming.

This trade was taken just above the 130 key level, shortly after we saw an impulsive push which this being a somewhat risky trade we decided to go break even aggressively due to current market conditions.

But the market not long after came back up and tapped us out for a break-even, this could be caused by the JPY Basket closing near its lowest recorded price point, in turn sending this pair to the upside momentarily.

It is important to know when to be aggressive in these situations as taken a break-even in much better than taking a 1% loss over bad risk management

GBPCAD: [Break Even]

This pair was shared in the Pro Community.

GBPCAD didn’t present the cleanest of price action this week, giving us a lot of sideways movement.

We can see the markets making a series of higher highs and higher lows, we were looking to capitalize on the upcoming move.

Using a dynamic trend line and a Fibonacci we identified the 61.8% as a level of interest.

This trade was a hard one to catch and came down to knowing technical analysis and maybe if it wasn’t a quiet and unpredictable time in the markets we may have left our SL open but in this case, we got taken out for a break-even.

EURAUD: [Missed Trade]

We were looking at taking this trade and it was shared with our community but it just was one of those trades that we missed, unfortunately.

Here we can see the markets has pushed lower but didn’t break the low before the impulse.

Naturally we look for a way to capitalise on the next swing point.

Identified by a dynamic trend line, Fibonacci retracement, and a clear level of liquidity this trade looked great for the upside.

Top 3 Pairs For Next Week

DXY: [Long]

Every Saturday we send a ‘Market Breakdown’ to our Pro Members.

We have been expecting the DXY to push to the downside but with several failed attempts it has been trickling higher and higher.

This week we are looking at the opposite and going to put our bearish bias on hold.

We are expecting it to follow this descending channel creating a 1,2,3 into a level support.

The DXY has the potential to push higher before we see a sell-off or a slow recovery but regardless we have to look both ways at the dollar.

With this we can correlate it to the appropriate pairs and look to capitalise on the move.

EURUSD: [Long]

With the potential for the DXY to gain more strength in the short term, we are looking at this move on the table for EURUSD.

We are expecting price to create a higher low before we see that push to the top of the ascending channel.

Potentially seeing this pair spike out above the previous swing point to catch traders on the wrong side of the market before taking the price to the downside.

With the right confluences and candlestick formations, this trade could be an awesome one to watch early this week.

Remember to correlate this with price movements on the DXY & don’t look to jump into trades without clear confluence

GBPUSD: [Long & Short]

Going into next week GBPUSD is looking solid for a short term bias flip trade.

We are looking at an ascending channel in which we can capitalize on a long and short position if the markets present us the opportunity.

Expecting price to make a higher low we are looking to take a long position if we see some form of pattern in play, a stall of price action, or a clear rejection from the 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement.

For the long position, we would target the third tap of the upper ascending channel, here would be the time to jump out of that position and identify a pattern, stall of price action, or a confirmation candle and we can look to take this pair short all the way to the 90% rule or sooner.


The Social Traders Affiliate Programme

This week we have kept things close to home so we thought it would be fitting to announce and show you guys our brand new affiliate program for The Social Traders Course.

We are giving all affiliates a competitive and fair commission for people they bring into the community.

Family, friends, your girlfriend, or boyfriend? Anyone who wants to learn a skill set for life and potentially a skill set to change their future then this will allow you the affiliate to make some extra cash each month for whatever you may need it for and to introduce more people to our ever-growing community.

Subscription Commissions

£34.99 Package – 33% recurring for every month the client stays subscribed.
£24.99 Package – 33% recurring for every month the client stays subscribed.

Broker Referrals

£500 Trading Account – £150 – Client must complete at least 15 live trades. Net 30
£1000 Trading Account – £225 – Client must complete at least 15 live trades. Net 30
£3000 Trading Account – £300 – Client must complete at least 15 live trades. Net 30


Affiliate Signup
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We thank you for reading this week’s addition to the TST Newsletter, have a great trading week, and stay consistent. – ‘The Social Traders Team’

Written by – Karl Milward