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Day 1: 7 Trading Sins That Kill Beginner Traders

7 Trading Sins That Kill Beginner Traders Without realizing you have probably committed one of these sins, if not all. Master these 7 and you will be able to extract consistent profits from the market


Day 2: Mastering Price Action & Market Discretion (Video Seminar)

Learn where liquidity is situated.

Learn the true nature of price action.
Learn short, medium and long plays.


Day 3: How We Made Thousands From 3 Trades

A professional recap of 3 setups
GBPUSD – 10.56RR
USDCAD – 10.48 RR
AUDJPY – 10.15 RR


Day 4: The Worst Setup Ever?

have you ever been on the edge of a winning setup, you enter, the trade goes into the positive, however, a few moments later you get taken out for a loss or breakeven? Learn our professional management procedure.


Day 5: The Secret Of Professional Traders

If you can manage your emotion you have won 90% of the battle. Turn losses into winning positions using this technique.


Day 6: When You’re Fed Up With Losses…

Understand one of the most impactful mental blocks that is holding you back from becoming a successful trader.


Day 7: Why Great Technicals Aren’t Enough

Lose focus and fall into a deep pit of despair… Learn how to combat your emotion to complement a refined strategy.

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7 Trading Principles That Are Guaranteed To Make You A Better Trader

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