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Welcome to The Social Traders! A Forex, Commodities and Cryptocurrency Trading Community. Join over 500+ members in an online Slack workspace, we trade the market with a combination of a discretionary ‘patterns’ style whilst incorporating ‘smart money’ concepts. 

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It is completely free to join the The Social Traders Trading Community. However, if you would like to learn our bespoke SMC & Patterns strategy we charge a small monthly fee for access, you will also receive access to: 

✅  Mon – Thur Pro Evening Video Updates
✅  In Depth Weekend Market Breakdown
✅  500+ Community Members
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If we started creating barriers to our community such as broker deposits, It wouldn’t be very Social! Anyone can join. However, if you would like a reduced fee access to our Pro features you can do so by using our trusted partnered broker.

Without overcomplicating things – we have created an edge that is compiled from the most effective techniques used in the markets. We’ve thrown out what wasn’t working and boiled a strategy down to 2 main elements.

The first part of the strategy is what we call the ‘Pattern Strategy’. By understanding this part of the strategy you will develop a sharp eye for market structure and overall market discretion, allowing you to right side of the market. 
We then implement smart money concept techniques to account for market liquidity and manipulation whilst also providing mechanical approach on entries.

This is genuinely powerful approach that can yield 1:20RR+ trades.

Yes, yes you can. Anyone can. We teach to become consistently profitable not just profitable, anyone can have a good day, week, month in the markets but may struggle over a longer period. Our strategy, community and mentorship will provide the foundation to become a consistently profitable trader.


All we ask is that you treat trading seriously and approach it as a business, not a hobby. From our experience in the markets, those who accept this and focus on technical skill development and Psychology development alongside practice are the individuals that are most likely to reap the rewards the financial markets can offer.

We cannot and will not hide the fact that trading naturally comes with risks, we are risk takers. Often Trading gets confused with ‘Gambling’ because of this.

To differentiate ourselves from ‘Gamblers’ at The Social Traders we use a strict 1% risk model alongside the correct risk management. This means each trade placed will only ever risk 1% of the capital in your account. Trading without stop-losses is a form of gambling and we will never approach the markets this way.

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